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Having your workplace become a Union workplace is a choice, it cannot be made easily by individuals, it takes a whole group working together.Through your union, you and your co-workers will oversee carrying out the provisions of the contract or collective bargaining agreement. Negotiations are not limited to only wages and overtime, safety and health, costs of living raises but also health & welfare benefits, pensions, vacations, and the grievance system.  Joining with your colleagues in a union means management can’t arbitrarily dismiss or discipline you, a third party impartial arbitration process is part of the union contract. In modern times professionals need union’s as much as blue collar workers, as they find benefits being cut and workloads and hours unmanageable. Both men and women who are unionized are paid higher wages and have more security on the job and in retirement than non-unionized workers. 

Our Union has a great Health & Welfare Benefit Package, Pension Benefits, Fair Wages, Manning Rules, Overtime Rules and many other contract choices. You would work with our Local Union Representatives together to create a contract with your management. You and your Co-Workers would vote on the issues together! 

If you would like your questions answered by e-mail write local72c@msn.com